The School of American Music came to Maestro Creative a little over two years ago, with a barebones website that was rarely updated and even more rarely accessed. Our challenge to Phil Bauman was to develop a new site that would engage our stakeholders, reflect our way of doing business, automate our registration and payment procedure, and still be simple enough for our volunteers and staff to update.

Phil kept us in the loop through the entire development process. He made suggestions about organizing the site and using our then rather skimpy collection of graphics to the best effect. I believe this reflects his good judgment and experience in both the technical aspects of web construction and how to use them to achieve marketing goals.

Finally, throughout our web development phase and up to the current moment, Phil has been highly accessible and responsive when we needed to make changes or hone some of our existing material.

The result: significant increases in activity, some positive pressure on us to keep our information current, and a website we can be proud of.