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We are web pros. A website is not a scary thing, especially to us. Relax and let us help release your inner creative to the world. Leave the worries to us (about how the darn WEB works).

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We have been in the biz for a long time. We’ll be here tomorrow and beyond. We do timely professional work with integrity. We are driven to make our customers happy and are relentless in our pursuit of perfection. We provide professional solutions for creatives that simply work.


We understand creatives because we are passionate creatives ourselves. We are artists with a vision and a passion for your success. If you’re not the creative type, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Stick to what you do best and we will make you LOOK your best and get noticed.

Maestro Creative at the office


We are real people, not a huge outsourced amalgamation of sterile talent. As maestros of our craft, we are called to serve and lift others up. We inspire, we collaborate, we learn, we love what we do. We want your star to shine brightly.

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Say What?

Q:  Is website speak GREEK to you?

A:  It’s our native language.

If you were thinking CSS stands for Creative Simple Solutions, and HTML means Highly Tangible Media Leverage, you might want to keep your day job. If you do know what all this means, then you know we consume LOTS of Java to make everything right.

Speaking of Java, have you ever had Starbucks’ Whiskey Barrel Aged Guatemala Roast – OMG, it’s to die for.
(We only indulge after a project is completed. $$).

We consider JAVA Jolts of Amazingly Vivacious Attitudes. Thanks for asking. You get it. We know the lingo so you don’t have to.

We’re There After Launch

Once your site’s LIVE, we’re not dead. In other words, we’re there after the sale and for the long haul. Websites are never done – they are ever evolving and need constant attention, just like a garden. Consider us your personal web-a-culturalists, giving your site constant attention, weeding, new plantings, pruning and love all year round. Your site will look fantastic no matter the season or economic weather.

After the Launch

Worry Free Clients

Who Love Our Work

  • As a professional singer who was looking to further promote my career, I was looking to build a website that would not only showcase my accomplishments, but also give viewers a small sense of who I am. Phil helped me tremendously by offering me several options in the design, color schemes, sound bites, pictures and personal statements. Whether it was by email or phone we were able to establish a great and trusting relationship with one another that allowed Phil to have artistic freedom and creativity to design a website that I am beyond pleased and excited to offer to all viewers."

  • The School of American Music came to Maestro Creative a little over two years ago, with a barebones website that was rarely updated and even more rarely accessed. Our challenge to Phil Bauman was to develop a new site that would engage our stakeholders, reflect our way of doing business, automate our registration and payment procedure, and still be simple enough for our volunteers and staff to update.

    Phil kept us in the loop through the entire development process. He made suggestions about organizing the site and using our then rather skimpy collection of graphics to the best effect. I believe this reflects his good judgment and experience in both the technical aspects of web construction and how to use them to achieve marketing goals.

    Finally, throughout our web development phase and up to the current moment, Phil has been highly accessible and responsive when we needed to make changes or hone some of our existing material.

    The result: significant increases in activity, some positive pressure on us to keep our information current, and a website we can be proud of.


  • Phil has been our web designer and webmaster for the Michigan City Chamber Music Festival, and my own site, for years now.  I find his work to be absolutely exemplary!  Our entire organization is thrilled with his work.

    I find him to not only be highly skilled and imaginative in his field, but also very personable and approachable.  He is open to questions and suggestions of any kind.  When we have additions and/changes that need to be made, they are done very quickly and skillfully.

    Michigan City Chamber Music Festival

  • When I acquired Packard in 2018, I knew that the website needed to be redone. I knew Phil from his musical endeavors and was told he also did web design, so I contacted him about creating a replacement site from scratch. Phil made the transition simple and seamless and it didn’t take a whole lot of time. Soon after, I added an online store and Phil got it running quickly and smoothly. It made my life easier because many customers know exactly what product they want and would prefer to place their order online and not deal with a phone call. At no time has there been any downtime or service interruption that I am aware of. Whenever I have questions or want changes, Phil responds very quickly and takes action. Overall I am happy with the website and would definitely recommend his services."

    Packard-Ideal Shutter Company

  • Phil has done an excellent job of designing and maintaining the South Bend Chamber Singers website.  He responds to requests quickly and has good suggestions for improvements.  He does his best to provide us with everything we need!"

    South Bend Chamber Singers

  • When I wanted to create a website for my pet portrait drawing business, I had no idea how to create a website, let alone one that would be professional enough to attract potential clients. My sister told me about Phil, who created and maintains the South Bend Chamber Singers site for her. It had the professional quality I was looking for. I contacted Phil and he made MY part of this endeavor so very easy. He took care of everything, gave me options, was honest, straightforward and prompt when answering my questions. Within a very short period of time, my website was live and beautiful! Phil took care of obtaining the domain name, he designed and developed my site, he hosts my site and maintains it by updating content, software and server upgrades. I never doubted Phil’s expertise and am thankful for everything he did and continues doing to make my website beautiful and successful."


  • Our website, before working with Phil, was hard to navigate and difficult to update.  The updates that Phil has made to our website have been wonderful.  Not only is it visually more appealing, our students and future students can now browse easier from all their devices.  Phil has been great to work with.  He made the changes quick and easy.  He’s always available when I have questions about updating and walks me through the technology of managing the website.  Phil has also made changes and updates to our site, when asked, promptly and without hesitation.  Overall, I couldn’t ask for a better website designer."

    Music of Oz Studio

  • My association with Phil has been a double pleasure as he has designed and hosts both my business website (Voice Productions) and my ministry website (His Voice Productions). For someone like me, who has little to no useable knowledge in this critically important field, teaming up with Phil has been essential and most valuable. His design work is exceptional and his fees are easy on my budget. I also value his flexibility of going the extra mile to make whatever changes I require, no matter how minute. His turnaround time is equally impressive.   I would most highly recommend Phil to become a part of anybody’s team and business/marketing plan."

    His Voice Productions | Voice Productions

Seo Top of Mind

SEO | Top of MInd

We approach content written with SEO in mind (if you’re a “hands-off” person, that means search engine optimization.)

We’ll guide your copywriting and content creation with an SEO bias. What you say and how you say it can make a big difference on how things get noticed. It’s that simple (on the surface). If you are going to rank high in the charts and search results, you’ll need expert advice and we have it.

Sites That Work For YOU

We know clients want results and they expect a website to be a business partner. One of the team, holding its own. You know you are amazing. You know your company is amazing just like your products are amazing! Let Maestro Creative get you noticed for the rock star you and the brand represent.

Maybe you’re an outgoing, passionate introvert. We’ll get you noticed. We’re not shy about marketing and promoting the amazing people we work with.


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