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We are proud partners with SiteGround

As WordPress and Divi specialists, we know what it takes to keep your site in top form. We monitor speed, security, updates and compatibility 24/7. We personally care for your site and we’ll put your mind at ease when it comes to managing the complexities of a Divi site (or any platform for that matter).

We will host your site on a state-of-the-art cloud server that offers superior data redundancy, daily backups and fast network speed with SiteGround, a leader in WordPress/Divi compatibility and speed.

We Take Care of Our People

When you join or move over to MC, we will provide you with all these tremendous benefits for being part of our family. Meet the MC team.

Security | Peace of Mind

We will keep everything up to date and secure. Our sites come with SSL (secure socket layer) certificates along with spam filtering and hacking protection built-in. You will have peace of mind knowing your site has world-class protection.

Speed | Performance

Sites can slow down and become less secure over time with outdated plugins and software. We will keep a keen eye on things and your site will always be in ship shape. We can boost your performance even further with specialized caching software and Global CDN (content delivery network) systems. All the modern tools for blazingly fast websites are in our toolbox.


You know “time is money.” I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than locating your password, logging into your site, backing things up, updating plugins, themes, software and whatnot, then moving on to checking through your blog spam filter for annoying comments, deleting spam, checking on hacking attacks….you get the picture.

We Love Taking Care of Others

We’ve been doing this for years, so we have a few practices in place that let us take care of things quickly, safely and efficiently.

We’ll offer free guidance on many routine website ownership issues that may cross your desk. We don’t want you to fear “the sky is falling!” when it’s just a little cloudy.

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Speaking of Love

Robert Mueller, School of American Music

Robert Mueller, Marketing Director
School of American Music

“Significant increases in activity…and a website we can be proud of.”

“(We) came to Maestro Creative a little over two years ago, with a barebones website…Our challenge to Phil Bauman was to develop a new site that would engage our stakeholders, reflect our way of doing business, automate our registration and payment procedure, and still be simple enough for our volunteers and staff to update.”  Read More

Nancy Menk, Music Director South Bend Chamber Singers

Nancy Menk,
Music Director
South Bend Chamber Singers

“Phil has done an excellent job”

“Phil has done an excellent job of designing and maintaining the South Bend Chamber Singers website. He responds to requests quickly and has good suggestions for improvements. He does his best to provide us with everything we need!”

Bill McMurray, Baritone
Bill McMurray, Baritone

“I am beyond pleased and excited…”

“As a professional singer who was looking to further promote my career, I was looking to build a website that would not only showcase my accomplishments, but also give viewers a small sense of who I am. Phil helped me tremendously by offering me several options in the design, color schemes, sound bites, pictures and personal statements.”
Read More


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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle (and website) Maintenance

Owners of cycles and websites can easily fall into one of two categories when it comes to maintenance: those that are hands-on, and those that are hands-off. We leave the cycle maintenance to the pros, but we are all hands-on with website maintenance. If we build your site we’ll give you a couple of options.

Hands On

If you’re that special someone who likes to take control and do everything, we applaud you and will give the keys to your Maestro Creative site. We will train you so you know how to open the crankcase, explore the frame and get around behind the scenes. We’ll show you where to find stuff, how to create content, upload things, update software and edit. And, we’ll be here if you accidentally screw somethin’ up. We know life happens (and so do auto backups!)

Hands Off | Carefree Living

We know that technology might not be your cup of tea. What’s “easy” for one person doesn’t always hold true for another. Maestro Creative can provide ongoing maintenance for clients who would rather not be bothered with the details and just want a great looking, updated and secure website. We’ll give you all the permissions you need to blog, edit and create but not get yourself into trouble. But, if you do, we’ll still be here to help. Don’t forget, just like that bike, everything about the site is yours. You own it. Even if you don’t mess around with it (much).
We know, you just want to ride and enjoy life, we get it. You deserve it. We’ll take care of all the boring, but very necessary maintenance and give you the peace of mind you deserve. You’ll not be riding on any flat tires here. Get out there and enjoy life, have that latte.

Not Hosted By Us?

We Can Make Your Life Simpler

Just like your home or office sometimes it’s nice to have someone you trust, come in on a regular basis and clean things up. We can do that. As web pros, we can offer a website maid service plan that fits your schedule and budget. We can tidy up your site and make sure things are in ship shape. We can alert you to potential problems and make recommendations for ways to improve things if you’d like.

We don’t need to host your site to take real good care of you. So let us know what you’d like us to do to make your life simpler and we’ll give you a fair, affordable quote.

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