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We’re sure you have some questions so take a look at some FAQs to help ease your mind.

Before You Sign Up FAQ

Before you sign up

I'm thinking about it

Will you work with my business? I’m not creative, nor a creative.

We are happy to work with a wide variety of businesses and entrepreneurs. We often work with creatives like artists, musicians, singers and non-profit arts groups. We enjoy working with reputable, honest and morally healthy people. I’m sure that’s you! We will add all the creativity if you feel less inspired.

I’m a seasonal business. Do I really need a website?

Absolutely! When out of season you should be marketing, promoting, announcing cool stuff and keeping your brand in the forethought of your customers. Even a monthly newsletter can build up the anticipation of the upcoming “season.” Get your peeps hyped up and ready for your reappearance. Your website is your non-stop marketing machine that will get you ahead of the competition. It shows you are professional and serious about helping your customers.

I’m a website newbie. Can I trust you to hold my hand through this whole process and be gentle?

We know where you’re coming from and yes, we’ll guide you every step of the way. Patience and trust are several of our superpowers. From domain name selection to launching your site, we will shepherd you through the maze that we call home. We will not let go of you (without your permission.)

Can I talk to a real person, please?

Certainly! Talking is a great thing and often the best way to communicate. We’re busy like you so if we don’t pick up right away, leave us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


What does it really cost? I’m on a tight budget.

We quote honest prices. After we get the full scope of the project, we’ll tell you the full price upfront. Most all of our customers fall into one of three levels: Artist/Small Business, Entrepreneur, and Corporate.

That price will include: 1) website design and development, 2) monthly hosting (if you choose to have us do it) and 3) any maintenance work you would like us to provide.

We have several basic packages, but everyone is unique, right? We won’t change the price unless you change the scope. You’ll always approve the expansion and the price.

Do you have payment options?

Hosting and maintenance fees can be paid monthly. Design and build projects in Tier 1 & 2 need to be paid in full at launch. If you need to spread the payments out weekly until launch, we can do that. Tier 3 projects have more flexible payment options. We require 50% of the fee to be paid at launch and the remaining can be made in installments if necessary.

Do you barter?

Only if you have a month-long timeshare in Aruba. Then we can talk.


Content Creation

If I need stuff, (from a photographer, videographer or graphic artist) can you help me?

Yes, we have lots of professional contacts that love working with us. We can add their services to your invoice, or you can contract with them directly. We’ve got you covered.

What do I need to provide to get things going?

We need all (or as much as you can gather at the moment) of the pictures, content copy, audio and videos you’d like to have on the site. The sooner you are able to get us content the sooner your site will be finished. There are certain things we can work on with placeholder text and pics but Content is King. Keep it flowing!

If you create my logo, can I use it for other things?

You own the logo so you can do whatever you’d like with it. We will provide master renderings in Adobe Illustrator format as well as standard JPG, PNG, and SVG graphic formats. Other formats are available too if you don’t see them listed.


Hosting FAQ

Hosting Questions
What is website hosting?

It’s putting all your files and software on a specific computer that is connected to the internet.
It’s the box where all your stuff really is and where people go to get it. Internet-connected computers designed specifically for distributing information or serving up the websites and emails are called servers. These servers “host” websites and give them a place to reside and call home.

When we host a website, we make sure everything is running correctly–that you have the proper resources like disk space, software, bandwidth, memory and processors power needed to have your amazing site online. A big part of the hosting realm is making sure things stay secure and protected from hackers. We are on top of that 24/7.

Can you help me get a domain name?

Yes, we can offer suggestions and help you purchase it if you’d like. We can also manage all the behind the scenes stuff like private registration, DNS listings, and renewals.

Who owns my domain name?

You do. It’s your property, even if we register it for you. If we register it for you, you’ll be invoiced and reminded about renewal. You won’t wake up one day without your site online because you forgot to renew your domain name.

Do I have to host my site with you?

While it should be noted that all of our clients are hosted by us, you are not required to be hosted on our server. Like any craftsman, we know how to use our amazing tools and have built up quite a collection that we depend on for quality service and reliability. We HIGHLY recommend you allow us the privilege of nurturing your site with our hosting services and expertise.

But, if you prefer, we can work with other hosting providers. We have full control of our server parameters and software features which most likely will not be the case elsewhere.  for most individuals to have that level of access. Compatibility, speed and bandwidth concerns might surface with the other folks. We’ll work with them but we’ll have to add the disclaimer…”your mileage may vary.”


Maintenance FAQ

Maintenance questions
What’s covered when you “maintain” my site?

Just like your car or bike, we’ll do all the necessary upkeep that keeps things running smoothly. There is a significant peace of mind that comes from professionals fine tuning things under the hood. We employ a development site for our customers where we test updates to make sure they don’t crash your site. In this ever-changing world of security risks, sophisticated hackers, and evolving technology, you can’t afford to be left in the dark or behind. We stay on top of this stuff so you can enjoy the ride. 

Are there additional costs?

There are some things we do for free and others have an added cost attached to them. This is based on the frequency, complexity and volume of intervention required. We do offer a wide variety of services to keep your site in tip-top shape even if we don’t host the site. We do offer a comprehensive listing of hosting plans.

Does hosting include edits and adding new content?

Yes, it does. We offer a variety of bundles for free updates and additional content per month. If you can keep the workload within the timeframe, it’s FREE! Additional work is billed at $40 per hour. We will always alert you if something comes in and it looks like we will go over your allotment.

Circle launch pad

After Your Launch FAQ

Who owns what?

You own 100% of the website content, even if we had to gather up some stuff of our own.

I love you now, but am I stuck with you forever?

Nope, if your bills are paid, you can leave at any time. We will certainly be sad if that happens. We will assist you in the transition to a new home and do everything we can to make it a smooth process. If you paid for hosting in advance, we will refund your money for any unused months. If you are paying monthly, we’ll take you through the end of the month. Just like rent.

How long will it take for you to do edits or put up new items?

We usually respond in hours (if not minutes) to the small stuff. If it’s super time sensitive let us know so we can prioritize our schedule. A 24 hour turnaround is typical.

Oh, I forgot to mention - I really wanted my site to have this feature. Is it too late to add it?

It’s never too late to customize or accessorize your site. In fact, we love to see people get excited and expand their site. Give us a shout out and we’ll give you an estimate for your approval.

Can I just shoot the breeze with you and dreamscape about my site?

Talk is cheap, heck yes. We love to talk to real people rather than staring longingly into our monitors and caressing our keyboards all day. We might have to schedule something, but the meter will not be running.

Remind me, who can edit my site?

We can give anyone you desire the ability to login and edit. It’s your site.

You probably don’t leave your front door open, inviting strangers into your house, do you? (Please say no!) You trust some folks more than others, to either know what they are doing or to take care of something you care about. The same with your website.

We can hand out specific permissions to you and your team, so they don’t get into any more trouble than you want them to.

Great Launches

And Happy Clients

Jim Holly, His Voice Productions Voice Productions

Jim Holly,
His Voice Productions
Voice Productions

“My association with Phil has been a double pleasure…”

“…as he has designed and hosts both my business website(s). His design work is exceptional and his fees are easy on my budget. I would most highly recommend Phil to become a part of anybody’s team and business/marketing plan.”
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 Nic Orbovich, Artistic Director Michigan City Chamber Music Festival

Nic Orbovich,
Artistic Director
Michigan City Chamber Music Festival

“I find his work to be absolutely exemplary!”

“Phil has been our web designer and webmaster for the Michigan City Chamber Music Festival, and my own site, for years now. I find his work to be absolutely exemplary! Our entire organization is thrilled with his work.”
Read More

Barbara Martz, Artist Paws-N-Claws

Barbara Martz, Artist

“He made MY part of this endeavor so very easy”

“When I wanted to create a website for my pet portrait drawing business, I had no idea how to create a website, let alone one that would be professional enough to attract potential clients. Within a very short period of time, my website was live and beautiful!”
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